Siberian Husky Health

Siberian Husky health is generally very good. They have an average life span of 12-14 years. They are however susceptible to a couple of issues that are common to the breed. The first is inherited eye cataracts. This is however becoming less of a problem due to the positive interaction of most breeders. They are learning to recognize the problem early on and are not registering these animals.

The second area of concern is hip displaysia. Although common in many large breed dogs, huskies are less susceptible than many of the other breeds. Hip displaysia is the degenerative condition of the hip joints, which causes arthritic pain in the hips. This condition develops in the first 2 years of the dog’s life and they should be checked regularly by a vet during this period. If left untreated, this condition causes painful arthritis and will eventually lead to the loss of use of the hind legs. If signs are detected, you can slow the progression of the diplaysia through something as simple as a glucosamine supplement to the dogs diet but please check with your vet. For discounts on your pets prescription medications, click the link below. It's easy, convenient, and a lot less expensive than your vet.

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