Siberian Husky Care & Feeding

Siberian Husky Care and feeding should be regimented. Your breeder is the best source of information for your particular puppy. They should provide you with a detailed history of your puppies diet and eating regimen up until that point. It's important to maintain a strict diet with Siberians.

Feeding table scraps or food designed for human consumption to your Husky is not healthy for them. Please do not do this! Their digestive systems are not designed to metabolize foods of this type. Doing so will cause them to be tired, overweight, and could lead to serious health problems. If for any reason you need to change your husky's diet, do so gradually.

I recommend a dry food high in both protein and fat but low in carbohydrates. I've used Iams for many years and my huskies and malamutes are lean, healthy, and energetic. Much depends on their level of activity. For a working dog, a premium dog food with a performance blend is in order. If your Husky will be less active, a maintenance formula will be fine. My older dogs eat the Iam's weight control formula. It has worked well. Keep an eye on their weight and adjust accordingly.

Some have turned to holistic diets for their Siberians and have reported them to produce lean healthy animals. The choice is a personal one but it's nice to have this option. Click the link below to visit the Only Natural Pet Store. They have a tremendous selection of wholistic products for your pet.

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Here's an example of why Siberian Husky care is important and why you need to pay attention to your dogs weight. I noticed 2 of my huskies appetites dropping off yet they were gaining weight. Through process of elimination, we suspected one of our neighbors was feeding them after we continually noticed them waiting next to the same spot of fence. I approached the elderly gentlemen that lived next door on several occasions but he assured me he wasn't giving them anything. Finally, one day I witnessed him throwing them, of all things, BAGELS! I went over and kindly spoke to him and after initially denying it again admitted he was just looking for a friend. I politely thanked him and explained that they're on a strict diet and can't eat that kind of thing. Since then, I bring them over for regular visits. Siberian Husky care is not difficult when you maintain a schedule.

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