You must give consideration to your Siberian husky's housing. A Husky is a family oriented animal and as such is happiest when living "with the family". Most of them given a choice would rather live inside with their humans. I know mine do. If that's your decision as well, it's easy to train them for acceptable inside edicate such as to sit by an exterior door to alert you that they wish to go out. Again, by reinforcing the rules and reminding them of your "ALPHA" status, they can be a delightful and trouble free addition to your family.

If you prefer to house your Husky outside, that's OK to. They love the outdoors. Your yard however, should have a fence no less than 6 feet high and preferably extend 1 to 2 feet below the ground to eliminate the threat of escape by digging. Darn, that "D" word again. If you're not able to stop your husky from digging, a sandbox in the corner of the yard may help. Show them the box and let them know digging here is OK. Anywhere else isn't!

Kenneling your Siberian husky is another option if you don't wish to surrender your entire yard to them. The area should be approximately 6-8 feet wide and up to 15 feet long as a rule of thumb. The floor should be concrete and the fence chain-link. The fence again should be a minimum of 6 feet tall and chain-link across the top is also a good idea. Also, please be sure it offers a shady area for the dog. Regardless of your decision where to house your husky, you must also give careful consideration to the weather. Although Huskies like the rain and snow, they need to be provided a place to get out of the elements should they so choose.

If you own a larger piece of property, you might consider Electronic containment. This has been a very effective way to contain my Huskies over the years. I recommend using this in conjunction with one of the above mentioned methods. Siberian Huskies are extremely resourceful and electronic containment alone will not be enough.

Their heavy coats enable them to remain outside in very cold weather and they "enjoy it"!! My wife and kids continuously remind me that they're "FREEZING" outside in the snow. But, let them in and they'll drive you crazy until you let them out again. They do as mentioned above need a shelter to get out of the wind. The house should be insulated with some straw bedding on the floor and preferable have a flat roof. You'll find they love to be above their domain and observe their surroundings. Therefore you'll probably see them spend more time on top of the house than in it.

However you choose to raise your husky, careful consideration to their housing will ensure their safety as well as give you a happy well adjusted pet.

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