Grooming the Siberian Husky

Here you'll find information and how-to on grooming the Siberian Husky. The Husky is relatively easy to care for. They are by nature clean and odorless dogs. They clean themselves much like a cat therefore require little cleaning from their humans.

For tips bathing your Husky, click here! Most owners bathe them once or twice a year to keep their coat clean and shiny but I've found that every 3 months works well for me since my Huskies spend a large amount of time indoors. They have a long coarse yet silky outer coat which is designed to shed water and snow and keep moisture away from the skin. Their undercoats however are soft and fluffy and serve to retain heat. This double coat allows these dogs to brave temperatures as low as -70 degrees F.

You may have heard that unlike many large breeds, Huskies don't continually shed. Instead, they "blow" their undercoat completely twice a year. This is only partially true! I have Huskies with a silky feel to their coat where this is in fact the case. They shed very little on a daily basis. But, I've also had Huskies that had a very soft and full coat. These dogs shed quite heavily every day. In either case, they all blow their undercoat when the seasons change. This is a very intense shedding period during which the entire undercoat falls out in large and small clumps. This period can sometimes last longer than 3 weeks. So don't be fooled by the stories!

You may find this hard to believe, but this is a typical example of a SINGLE grooming.

No Kidding!!!!!!

Looks like a half dozen huskies were groomed doesn't it? Again, typically this happens twice a year. For more information on bathing and coat care, please read our bathing best practices.

Prepare yourself for a lot of brushing and vacuuming. A good vacuum is a must for these dogs. A great one will pay you back in spades! I use the Dyson with the animal attachment Like the one pictured here and I highly recommend it. I've tried many different brands and styles but none of them was up to the task. Visit Vacuums and click on "All The BRANDS Vacuums, Cleaners". They have a huge selection of styles and brands to fit any budget. Some may consider their cost rather high but this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for.

Shedding Blade

By grooming the Siberian Husky regularly, you'll go a long way in controlling the shedding. I usually do this once a week to my huskies. I find that a metal shedding brush like the one pictured works best with a swift yet light side to side motion. If you have help, a second person holding the vacuum as you do this can keep things neat and prevent hair from flying all over. Grooming the siberian husky can be fun when making it a family affair.

These dogs do require regular coat maintenance if you want them to look their best and keep their hair off your carpets! :-)
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